Saturday, October 13, 2007


45-ton GE industrial Diesel switcher, built 1942 (#15807) for an unknown original owner (apparently the Rohm & Haas Chemical Co., as #RH-1). Purchased used circa 1969 by Stanley Works to replace a fireless steam switcher; the Diesel carried Stanley number 873. Donated 1993 by Cold Metal Products, which acquired a portion of the Stanley facility, including the locomotive. Powered by two 150 hp six-cylinder Cummins Diesel engines, with one traction motor on each truck. Side rods transmit power to the non-motored axle on each truck. The 45-ton units were built to lighter industrial specifications, while the similar GE 44-tonner was designed for heavier commercial railroad service. In 1993, it was repainted orange by RMNE and numbered 42, for the year of construction.