Monday, November 19, 2012

November work progress

 Thomaston Shop as it appeared in 2007

Work continues on trackage at the Shop Yard, with ballast being applied to Track 4. Following the passage of former hurricane Sandy through the region, a right of way inspection was done by Randy Patterson, Stewart Crouse and your editor.  We covered the line from Hancock Brook in Waterville up through milepost 14 north of Campville and had only one tree that required a chain saw, and one that needed the pole saw.  We were very fortunate!  Equipment on the inspection trip included the tie (and tree!) handler and GMC TC35. 

In order to give all plenty of notice, Rules Examiner Brent Bette has announced the 2013 Rules Classes.  February 23 will be the Novice class, with Advanced classes being offered on March 2 and March 9. Location is likely the Senior Center at the Thomaston Town Hall but details will be confirmed later this year.  Please notify Brent of what class you wish to take at  HYPERLINK ""


After finding that our shop heating system had some problems, Howard Pincus began necessary repairs, working from a borrowed scissor lift or using some of our scaffolding. Most of the repair work has been completed. George Wittman and others have been assisting.

—Bill Sample, Editor

Friday, November 9, 2012

November Locomotive Report

Due to diminishing daylight hours, colder weather and the main person working on them having other commitments this time of year work on these engines is ramping down for the next several months. 

Boston & Maine 1732, GP9: Now has been removed from indoors where it sat since March.  The pit spot has been needed for other equipment. It has been sealed up and placed on track 1 for now. Prime mover work needs to advance further along before more actual loco work takes place. 

Canadian Pacific 1246, 4-6-2:  The locomotive has been moved to track 3 right beside the shop so Stewart can easily continue working on it. Stewart and Marty opened the smoke box front and cleaned out debris in there.  Paint work will continue as long as the weather allows it. 

Maine Central 557, RS3: A good portion of the east side has had its repaint completed including the "Maine Central" back on it for the first time since 1975.  Most striping has also been done. Cab side is being prepped for the pine tree insignia and striping. 

NAUG 2203, U23B is in the shop on the pit, and the “new” oil cooler is in the process of being installed.  Andy Kromer, Jason Hartmann, Stewart Crouse of others have been involved. 

NAUG 103, 2-6-2 has been getting some attention – Bob Carlson and Adam Miller have removed the main rods to allow safe towing from Chase Yard to the Shop Yard. 

New Haven 0401,  FA1 The locomotive remains on track 1 but the fan grille has been moved beside it. It will take a few people to help get it up onto the roof.

New Haven (CDoT/RMNE) 2019, FL9 is covering all assignments at this time until U23B 2203 is repaired. 

RMNE 42, GE 45 tonner “the Critter:” The batteries are back on charge and another attempt at getting both engines running will be made again. Bill Sample replaced one of the rusted stack covers for it. It has also been moved to track 3 next to the 1246 for easy access to power and tools.