Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thomaston Shop Report

Locomotives and Rolling Stock
Andy Kromer reports that 2203 will be receive its 92-day maintenance and other work to insure reliable operation in 2008. Cosmetic work is still off in the future. Coach 5805 continues to see progress each Saturday at the TSY under the direction of Sam Walker. Window shade box and other trim stripping tasks continue but are nearing completion. Other projects include the completion of priming of the inner lower walls, insulation installation and preparing the battery boxes to receive a heavy-duty gasoline powered generator. More help is always welcome.
Flatcar NH 17504 still awaits final painting and deck installation, needing some warmth to allow good paint adhesion. It will also receive two new wheel sets to replace sets that were found to be defective. Of course one wheel set on each truck were the defective ones! The replacement wheel sets are now at the shop.

B&O 907 “Sherry Lynette Brannon” is scheduled for its long-awaited truck overhaul and air conditioning improvements later this spring and summer. Louis Edmonds probably could use some assistance with this, the sooner the car work is done the sooner we can get Louis back on track – literally – for our yard construction.

Thomaston Shop
Electricians Stewart Fritts and Jack Tarter continue to make strides in wiring the shop. The John Cerreta and Don Chepurna carpentry and painting operation continues. A larger scissors platform lift is now on-site, ready for the installation of heating units and gas piping as well as electrical conduit for the exhaust fan and final lighting installations, courtesy of Sponsor Member Barry Cone.

Motor Vehicle Department
Gene Pfeiffer and Bob Harrington have returned the Dyna-hoe from the dead and soon it will be ready for work. The Cummins powered front-end loader’s engine work continues. “New” tires have now arrived for the IHC loader. The MVD is planning on a lot of MoW equipment work to prepare for a busy season.
--Bill Sample