Friday, August 31, 2012

End of summer locomotive report

Maine Central RS3 557 had used diesel fuel from 2203's fuel filter change added into its prime mover. It will help clean up the innards when the pre-lube pump is set up.  Some cleaner previously-used oil will be added to the crankcase after some of 557's "tar" oil is drained out.

Metro-North FL9 2033 (ex-NH 2059) - Volunteer Alex began cleaning the unit out of debris. Volunteer Jason cut a piece of polycarb for the missing rear window; pieces to fill the open number boards are being worked on, these were/are three areas of weather inlet on the loco that will be plugged up. Used diesel fuel from a filter change on the 2203 was dumped down the test cocks of the stuck prime mover. Two of its shot batteries were removed by Jason and Alex, the rest are being freed up, battery work was last done back in May.

NAUG U23B 2203 continues to power all needed trains the past few months. A 92-day inspection was done by volunteers Hal Reiser, Jason Hartmann and Al Pomeroy.

New Haven FA1 0401 had the fan grill that was brought up to the shop site last month straightened out by Alex. It will be lifted up onto the roof and put in place with a plywood covering pitched for drainage. This will close up the open rear area of the carbody.

New Haven RS3 529 has had its battery water topped off and its batteries were charged.

New Haven (CDoT/RMNE) FL9 2019 had its batteries charged and the unit was started and idled for several hours. The 2019 hasn't been touched in 2 months since NAUG 2203 has been dependably covering all needed assignments. 2019 is being kept stored serviceable waiting for its reactivation to service this fall.

RMNE 42, the GE 45-tonner “the Critter” had its battery water was topped off and batteries are currently being charged. Fluids will be checked and the plan is to fire up its prime movers after 3 years of inactivity to keep the unit in the best shape possible for when it will be needed again.

Want to get your hands dirty? Volunteer! Weekday work sessions are now held Tuesdays from 4:00pm-8:00pm at Thomaston Shop. Contact us for more information!

—Bill Sample, Editor