Friday, March 23, 2012

Order Board - March Edition - Second Section

Naugatuck Railroad work train near Frost Bridge Road, 2008.

Next Meeting:
5:30pm, May 12, Senior Center, Thomaston Town Hall. It has been requested to have the meeting at 5:30pm rather than 6:30pm.


Schedule Change: Weekday work sessions are now held Tuesdays from 4:00pm-8:00pm

Car Department - Sam Walker

Coach 4992 - The wood for the lower drip rail/tack board is now complete, fitted to the car and installed to stay. The south end needs some minor contour sanding and painting, which should be completed next Tuesday night. The north end is now being covered with the membrane. This is the most involved part of the job and requires careful fitting and finishing. I expect this to take the next two weekends. Easter weekend is planned for finishing the upper drip edge installation (must be done after the four lower corners are done) with the upper main roof planned for April 14 or 21. COT&S could be done at any time during this period as help is available.

Coach 4990 (ex-“ beater”) -Roof needs to be glopped (sealed). This is planned for right after 4992 leaves the shop. This should only take one weekend if we can move the scaffolding Saturday after one side is done. If time allows we can needle scale and paint the vestibules. (does not need super job - just chase away the “potato chips” and paint).

Locomotive Department – Jason Hartmann, Sam and Dave (M)

B&M 1732 – currently on track 5 north of the shop, will be surveyed for the upcoming engine swap. Power assemblies for the rebuilt engine were ordered and delivery is imminent.

NAUG 2203 – new circuit cards are on order, hopefully they will solve the remaining electrical problems.

NH 529 – pretty much ready for the truck swap, detailed planning underway.

RMNE 2019 – batteries are being charged and it is anticipated that the loco will return to service this weekend.

Motor Vehicle Department – various

The MVD should finally be getting some shop time so repairs to the TSY front-end loader can be made so it can be returned to service for various projects. We were very fortunate that it wasn’t needed over the winter, as we would have to have hired in a contractor using funding that could have been better spent on vehicle improvements.


Electrical Department – Jack Tarter continues working on electrical service installation and improvements in the shop.


Our track expansion project at the Shop Yard continues over the next few weekends. Track 5 has ties and plates positioned, and rail should be arriving via a work train Saturday. Angle bars and bolts will be needed. All rail will be unloaded from the MEC gondola, with surplus rail being neatly deposited within reach. If we had a working front-end loader we could also ballast track 5, then start on track 4.


New switch key locks will be distributed to operating personnel on the Naugatuck Railroad. Prior to the cut over of the switch locks, new keys will be distributed to qualified Brakeman, Conductors and Engineers on the current roster. For new members who pass their examination of the NORAC rulebook during one of the Naugatuck Railroad’s annual rules classes and wish to enter the Student Brakeman training program they will use the switch key of their instructing Brakeman during their training period. Upon qualification by the Trainmaster as a Full Brakeman they will be issued the new key. Those personnel with any questions should contact Hal Reiser by either phone (914 714-5135) or by email at

(Many thanks to Hal for investing his time into the behind-the-scenes but very necessary task!).


“There’s always painting….” - Kevin Meehan

West side waiting room half-doors should be installed by this weekend. A new lock will also be installed to replace the padlock on the slider. Most of the shelves and display cases have been returned to their normal configuration.

What you can’t see in the station is some concentrated effort from Celeste Echlin to secure grant funding. Part of this includes a restoration plan for the building, including the exterior. Don Watson and Ralph Harris are assisting with this. As at least one of the grant requests is a “matching grant” type, it is imperative that we keep track of the time spent working on the project. (a good habit to follow on ALL projects!)

Work continues on most Saturdays and Sundays.


March 31 - Train and Station pre-season Cleanup Day – Need a good turnout! Station and Shop Yard (if train isn’t brought to station)

April 7 (Saturday) Easter Bunny Express 10:00AM, 12:00 Noon, 2:00PM – Staff requirements: Easter bunny (Sue), “bunny wrangler,” Train Crew, Car Hosts, Station Staff

As most of you already know, membership renewal notices have been sent out. Please remit ASAP and help to make our treasurer happy!

Saybrook crews continue to be busy with the final stages of the yard cleanup plus equipment move preparation. This location is closed to the public.

The Special Events Committee is busy planning the various events as listed above. Various advertising needs are part of the planning process. Nancy and Tony Pratt, Sue and Bill Sample, Celeste Echlin and Barb Walcott are the regular members and often Sam Walker assists if he has time.

That’s all the news that fits for now- Thanks to Dave Manning, Sam Walker, Celeste Echlin, Bob Harrington, Hal Reiser, Jason Hartmann, Kevin Meehan, and Sue Sample for their assistance.

—Bill Sample, editor