Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MEC 557 gets a little touch-up work

Railroad Museum of New England volunteer Jason Hartmann has become a valued member of Naugatuck Railroad's motive power force. He not only has worked keep the operational locomotives on the road, but is spending as much time as possible providing care to some of RMNE's stored out-of-service power. Dedicating not only his time, but spending his own funds for paint, Jason has been working on cosmetically restoring some of the museum's pieces, including Maine Central Alco RS-3 557. He is seen at the Thomaston Volunteer Shop on October 23, 2011, matching colors on the historic Maine Alco. With this work towards cosmetic restoration, the historic unit will be a nice addition to be viewed by our passengers as they ride past the shop area. Meanwhile, Jason explores the unit's physical condition, working to ensure that it can be made operational in the future. Jason is also providing some needed mechanical preservation to the 557 in addition to the cosmetic work. He will be finished with this project within one week to allow other projects needing attention to move into the shop.

Builder's photo of sister unit MEC 556