Thursday, April 7, 2011

Order Board for April

A portrait of three F-units getting some sun at Thomaston Volunteer Shop. The two units at left are former CDOT F7's that ran in Shore Line East commuter service, while the unit at right is a former New Haven FL9 rebuilt by CDOT in the 1980s for Metro-North. Photo by Howard Pincus.

REVISED Rules Class Schedules

Due to schedule conflicts, the 16 April and 21 May Blue Flag classes have been cancelled.  
The only class scheduled for now is the 14 May class, but an additional class will be offered in June – date to be determined.   “Blue Flag” classes take place at the Volunteer Shop. It will be a hands-on class with a short exam and should not take more than one hour. The class is required for all NORAC qualified personnel as well as anyone who intends to work at the shop.  All those who plan to take the course please register with instructor Hal Reiser by email to get details.  Starting time will be at 9:30am.  The classes are open to anyone interested in getting involved with train operation on the Naugatuck Railroad!

There's still time to sign up for the RMNE 43rd Annual Dinner. Please call Nancy Pratt at (203) 578-5930 for details.


Motor Vehicle Department

Major work on the Boom truck continues in the northwest corner of the shop – good progress has been made in raising the body and rebuilding the hydraulic controls.  Also the TC-30 is in for hi-rail work.

Car Department

Coach 4990 will be brought into the shop for a light prep and repaint and vestibule repairs.  Air brake servicing is also needed on this car.  This car is scheduled to re-emerge as Canadian National Railways 4990 in the 1950s color scheme.

Coach 4992 remains in the north bay of Track 5 in the shop.  Our brand-new scaffolding has been set up along the east side and south end of the car, making for a safe and pleasant working platform for roof work.  The west side and north end are reachable using the mobile scissor lift – no working from ladders is needed The large opening that once housed air conditioning equipment has been successfully enclosed. The priority project is to complete the sanding and any needed surface preparation to ready the car for roofing installation. and the other with its deteriorated painted canvas roof removed down to the wood surface.  This will allow the installation of a rubber membrane surface that should stop the leaks that the car has been plagued with in recent years. Plywood covering will be fitted to the side of the clerestory surface once the roof membrane is installed.  Other work that can be done while the car is in the comfort zone of the shop is a thorough interior cleaning and floor painting.  Please consider assisting us with this important project.  Please report to Sam Walker for instructions.

Coach 5805 - Interior woodwork continues to see attention from Stan Bogacz, Win Bissell, Kurt Wiener and occasional others.

Locomotive Department

Currently FL9 NH 2019 is in service while U23B 2203 receives governor, exhaust system, and other miscellaneous repairs.

Train and Engine Crews:

16 April – Possible work train crew Volunteer Shop Yard – Thomaston Station

23 April - Easter Bunny Train:  need conductor, engineer, and car hosts including Easter Bunny Assistant.

Rules and Training Classes:

We will be scheduling Roadway Worker Protection and possibly Timetable classes at later dates, to be announced. An additional NORAC class may be offered if there is sufficient interest – please contact rules examiner Brent Bette so that arrangements can be made. Regarding any future Air Brake instruction and exam needs, please contact Al Pomeroy.

Pre- 2011 Operations Projects:

16 April (plus 17th if needed) we will have a Spring Cleaning Day (s) at the Thomaston Station and also on the train, which may be moved to the Station to facilitate cleaning.

30 April, 14 May:  Flagg Coal #75 planning dates with meetings at the Volunteer Shop, 2:00 pm covering operations, staffing & activities for the event.  Please bring your suggestions! 

Volunteer Work Hour Records

As part of the renewed emphasis on obtaining grant funding, we must resume the recording of our volunteer time.  Please complete the Volunteer Worksheets that are available by the north door of the shop by the dispatcher’s area.  Sherry Edmonds will be recording the hours as submitted from these forms or also records can be e-mailed up to Louis Edmonds.

A Request from Our Treasurer

Louis Edmonds is looking for donations to help defray the expenses of re-roofing coach 4992.  These include plywood, supplies such as sandpaper and additions to our tools, the scaffolding, wood repair, and the rubber membrane surface and related installation items. These donations should be sent directly to the Treasurer, either to the Museum at P. O. Box 400, Thomaston, CT 06787-0400 or the Treasurer’s home address at P. O. BOX 443, GEORGES MILLS, NH 03751-0443 


Weeknight Work Sessions are being held on virtually all Wednesdays at the TSY, running from about 4:00pm until about 8:00pm.  Sam Walker is heading this – please call him if you wish to confirm the session on cell 860-485-2569.


Kevin Meehan is resuming his work inside the Thomaston Station and has his staff needs under control.  He asks that we all continue to keep the station neat and to refrain from cluttering the building. 


The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, 11 June 2011.  The meeting will be held at the Thomaston Senior Center, Town Hall, Main St. and is scheduled for 7:30pm.

Thanks to Celeste Echlin, Louis Edmonds, Bob Harrington, Al Pomeroy, Jon Chase, Kevin Meehan, Tony Pratt, Hal Reiser, Howard Pincus, Barb Walcott, Sue Sample and others who helped with this issue. —Bill Sample, Editor