Monday, September 27, 2010

September Order Board - EXTRA EDITION


Beginning next weekend, we will be preparing to extend the three yard tracks at the Thomaston Shop site. There is grading to be done, material to be moved and eventually track to be laid. This will allow us to expand our safe, secured storage yard at Thomaston Shop.

We have much of the material available, but not all of it. We would like to see if we can find enough people to help us sort through the tie pile near the Thomaston station to re-use any of the ties in that pile that would be suitable for yard track. This would save the museum a lot of money, and help us to use the brand new ties we have in stock in the mainline, where they are best used. Again, these endeavors require a lot of help. We are still working out the details as to start time and location, but for now, plan on meeting at Thomaston Shop around 9:30 AM each day if you’re able to assist. Please sign up in advance!

Also, beginning in late October, and lasting until mid November, we will need help in decorating our shop, station, and our train in preparation for our Holiday train events. Last year our holiday trains were our biggest fundraiser, and we need to ensure that is the case again this year. Everyone can help us in preparing for this most important time of year for the museum. A signup sheet is located on the side of the coach 5805 in the shop, and if you’re unable to make it to the shop to sign up, please send us an email. Work on decorating will begin around 9:00 am each day.

—Bill Sample, Editor