Saturday, January 31, 2009

A note of thanks...

A note of thanks to everyone who visited the Railroad Museum of New England at Amherst Railway Society show in Springfield, MA recently. A good time was had by all of our members who attended, and it was especially good to talk to new folks who are interested in what we do. Many of you expressed interest in becoming members, and volunteering your time to help us continue the work that we do. We cannot encourage that enough! There are many tasks for a wide variety of people from all walks of life, and we hope to see you all very soon around the railroad. For those of you who may have questions, or wish to visit our shop site after discussing things with our members at the show, please feel free to send an e-mail to

Thanks again for visiting us at the show!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come visit the Naugy in Springfield!

For those of you who may be attending the Amherst Railway Society annual Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield, Massachusetts January 24-25, make sure you seek out and drop by to say hi to the folks from the RMNE! At last check, at the time of this writing, we're scheduled to be in section 54 at the Better Living Center (the large main building). Drop by and say hi! We don't bite... :-)

January Order Board

January 23 (set-up), 24 & 25th 2009 – Amherst Railway Society’s Railroad Hobby Show, West Springfield, MA. Those interested in attending dinner at the Student Prince Friday or Saturday please contact Howard Pincus to make a reservation by 7:00pm 20 January.

The schedule of our annual NORAC rules classes is now being planned, most likely with dates in February and/or March, and the date of our Annual Dinner – April 4th. We will notify those interested via a Special Edition Order Board if necessary.

The Cummins-powered front-end loader is coming along, with the rebuilt engine now back inside the vehicle thanks to the hard work of Gene Pfeiffer and Bob Harrington, and the boom truck. The old and broken air-suspended seat mechanism was removed and the area was given the needle-gun treatment to remove accumulated rust. A new-to-the-vehicle replacement seat was provided by Bob – a retired bus driver’s seat that still had plenty of life remaining. Rich Edling gave the seat frame an inspection and overhaul and prime coated the needle-gunned area.

Gene has also been busy returning the Dyna-Hoe excavator back to service and with the help of the Car Dept. carpenters has built a cab door to make the machine pretty much weather resistant.

The International-powered front-end loader developed engine trouble following the end of the Christmas season and will be examined at a later date.

The scissors-type man-lift has is now running on propane as well as “petrol” and has seen much use in getting the ceiling prepared for the heating unit installation.

Naugatuck Railroad U23B 2203 has been docked on the pit track for the season, following the draining and winter storage preparation of New Haven RS3 529. Once again the 2203’s standby heating system helps the locomotive serve as a large radiator, providing the basic heat to keep the shop building above freezing. The 25 tonner (the “Quarter-Pounder”) and the 45 tonner (the “Critter”) are temporarily parked on the “office” track.

Work in coach 5805 continues to progress, with a great amount of work taking place in the south vestibule. Severe rust damage necessitated almost the total replacement of the lower foot of the sheet metal and corner posts. The inner bulkhead wall (between the coach interior and the vestibule) repairs included some of the substructure as well. Currently this section is nearing completion and most work is on the outer vestibule wall.

The curved, lower deck ceiling panels are now being manufactured by gluing layers of paneling together and mounting them on a jig to form the correct curvature.

Metal stock to complete the new window mountings has been delivered and awaits processing. Window area rust removal and metal repair continues. Surface preparation and priming is underway in several areas. Thanks to all that have been assisting with this project – Sam Walker, Stan Bogacz, Win Bissell, Jon Chase, Dan DiTullio, Hal Reiser, Howard Pincus, Kurt Wiener, Joe Wiener, Bill Sample, Dawn Sampson, and Chris Sampson and the editor’s apologizes for any one who was missed.

- Over the winter it is hoped to run a few work trains along the south end of the line, performing some lineside brush cutting and trash cleanup. No schedule has yet been announced.

- The TSY track-numbering proposal has been revisited yet again and the operating department will make a final decision on the track numbers to be used.

Work on the installment of the radiant heating system continues with Howard Pincus, Don Chepurna, and Dave Manning recently being observed prepping and painting the steelwork high above the shop floor. The electricians – mainly Stewart Fritts, Jack Tarter, Dave Kornfeld, and Rich Edling - continue to install conduit, wiring and outlets throughout the building.

—Contributed by Bill Sample.
Thanks to Bob Harrington, Howard Pincus, and Sue Sample.