Thursday, September 24, 2009

Work Continues on New Haven Parlor Coach 603

Photo at Thomaston Shop by Dana Laird

NH 603, ex-Parlor “Forest Hills” currently remains in the shop, undergoing a general cleaning and roof refurbishing that has been spearheaded by Jon Chase. The plan is to make the roof weather-tight by removing all coatings down to the galvanized bare metal, patching and caulking where necessary, and priming and painting to finish. It was decided as part of this process to remove rain gutters and ventilators as these are likely places for corrosion damage to begin. To date, most of the lower roof including the air conditioning duct cover, and the clerestory side has been stripped, with part of one side needing some finishing touches. The ventilators will be refurbished and stored pending reinstallation during the actual restoration, when new rain gutters will be installed.

Work remaining includes continuing the cleanup of the interior and vestibules, including the toilet area. The upper roof needs to be stripped. The ends also need stripping, access by using scissors lift. There are a few small rusted areas that need cutting out and patching. Jon has written up a more detailed list of work for this car that we hope to have posted in the shop.

A specific fund-raising effort has begun to finance the above work and improvements – please remit to RMNE, attn Treasurer, P O Box 400, Thomaston, CT 06787-0400 and note that the donation is for NH 603.