Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 2009 Track Blitz

Our 2009 Spring Track Blitz weekend was a huge success. These photos show the work at Thomaston Shop Yard (TSY), where three yard tracks were extended by 66 feet each at add more storage space for rolling stock inside the yard. That project started on Saturday morning and was finished on Sunday morning.

Other photos are the work done at the north "PLUME" passing track switch in Thomaston, where a 50-year old private crossing was removed so that the ties could be replaced. Lots of hand shoveling was necessary there, to break up hard-packed areas so that the old ties could be extracted. Four lengths of 115-lb rail were found to have excessive corrosion damage (from being buried in the crossing for 50 years), and they will have to be replaced. We also replaced 14 track ties and 15 long switch ties. The crossing will be replaced also, using timber rail guards and crushed stone fillers.

Not shown in this group of pictures is the work done by a third crew on Saturday the 18th, this crew surfaced the 700-foot long shop lead track, using track jacks, shovels and a large on-track tamper.

A few other groups were working inside the shop, on projects such as engine work on the EMD 16-cylinder diesel engine, the Central Vermont caboose roof replacement and the on-going restoration of coach 5805.

A lot of work by a lot of dedicated volunteers, and more improvement to the Naugatuck Railroad! Thanks to all who made this happen! Want to be a part of the railroad preservation movement? Consider coming out some weekend to lend a hand and see what we do. Just contact one of our volunteers for more information. Photos by Howard Pincus and Scott Hartley.

Working at PLUME siding...

Reconditioning our EMD 16-cylinder prime mover inside Thomaston Shop.

Working on the Central Vermont caboose inside Thomaston Shop.

Just some of the crew working on PLUME siding.

Grilling lunch outside Thomaston Shop.

Quite the spread for hungry railroaders! Who ordered extra hydraulic oil for their sandwich?

The extended yard tracks at Thomaston Shop were already being put to good use by the end of the weekend.
Extending the yard tracks will increase our storage capacity and bring our restoration projects closer to the shop environment.