Monday, December 8, 2008

We go through snow

On the Naugatuck Railroad, we go, snow or no!

This past weekend visitors to the Naugy enjoyed the first 2 days of our annual Santa Express trains. The Santa Express trains continue for the next 2 weekends (Dec. 13-14 and Dec. 20-21). The trains depart the Thomaston station at noon and 2 PM.

The Santa Express train is a departure from the norm for anyone who rides. The train is decorated for the holiday season, and thanks to the tireless work of our volunteers a new electrical generator was installed under the train allowing the coaches to be reliably and pleasantly warm on a cold winter afternoon.

Aside from the creature comforts on the train, kids of all ages can enjoy a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their elves, who have graciously accepted our invitation to join us for all of our Santa Express trains. Tickets, and more information is available by following this link. Start the holiday season by dropping by the Naugy for a ride with us!

As a taste of winter to come, a snow squall during the middle of the day on this past Sunday helped create these wintry images and get everyone on the train (including the crew!) into the holiday spirit. All photos from December 7. It's starting to feel like winter around here! Photos by Howard Pincus and Scott Hartley.