Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Awesome track blitz weekend

A few pics from the weekend work. Lots of work done and tens of thousands of calories consumed. About 35 people on Saturday and about 24 on Sunday; they built 400+ feet of tracks and did a few other projects as well (Naugatuck locomotive 2203 and coach 5805, as well as some of the shop building interior systems). The numbers: 200 track ties, 1600+ spikes, 30,000 lbs of steel rails, and a few tons of other track parts went into all this. A tremendous effort by all involved, and tremendous progress made, with a working, three-track yard completed in a weekend. This effort builds upon our earlier work this past May, and increases our capacity to bring more of our historic equipment closer to the "home shop." Thanks so much to all of you who participated and made this Track Blitz Weekend the success that it was. You guys are the best!
—Howard Pincus