Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Thomaston Shop Report

Coach 5805 continues to see metal renewal in the north vestibule inner wall. The preparation and priming of the upper ceiling is just about complete, and the replacement of the 3 damaged lower ceiling panels continues. Needle scaling of the truck frames continues.

Coach 4980 has received repairs to its lower deck roof surface, which had pulled away from the clerestory, making for some serious leakage. Weep holes were also drilled into the bottom rail for ventilation. Al Pomeroy, Howard Pincus, Hal Reiser, Matt Lawson, Jeff Fruithandler and others have been working on this project.

CTVR (ex NH) flatcar 17221 has been getting protective enclosures built and installed by John Cerreta. The large crate-like covers are crying for some patriotic slogans to be painted on them, such as “another load of P47 aircraft engines for Our Victory over the Axis!” in WW II era script.

Locomotives – NH 529 and NAUG 2203 have been sharing passenger train responsibilities, with the standby locomotive receiving normal maintenance as needed. FL9 NH (CDOT) 2019 has had its dead batteries changed out and is undergoing additional testing.