Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thomaston Shop Report

Inside the shop we will continue with the fitting-out of the building utilities. Electrical work – conduit running, wiring, and fixture installation – will continue under the direction of Stewart Fritts and Jack Tarter. Plywood installation, now virtually complete on about half the building, will continue. Pegboards and workbenches will be installed where planned. Water service and shop air piping installation are planned for later this year. The installation of the overhead heating system continues.

NAUG 2203 is slated for some shop time during the week of May 12, with a radiator leak repair and various engine adjustments being planned. Andy Kromer will be working during some of that week – contact him for information and details. NH 529 will have some more “coming out of hibernation” work performed, and a 92-day inspection and service is due this month. RMNE 42 continues to see service as a shop switcher, and the former HELCO/Yankee Gas 25-tonner is due for some brake work.

Rolling Stock
Coach 5805 continues to see progress each Saturday at the TSY under the direction of Sam Walker. Window shade boxes and other trim stripping continue but are nearing completion. Other projects include the completion of priming of the inner lower walls and insulation installation and preparing the battery boxes to receive a heavy-duty gasoline powered generator. More help is always welcome.

Department of Motor Vehicles
Bob Harrington reports that the MVD continues with the maintenance of the road vehicle fleet and continues with support to various maintenance projects of other departments. Having this equipment serviceable is somewhat behind the scenes work that is much appreciated by the planners of such projects as the Track Blitz Weekend.

Maintenance of Way
The next step in TSY track construction will likely be the construction of the final yard switch, which will allow access to the third outside track. Various main line projects are also in the planning stage.
--Bill Sample